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Ekomille 1000 / Alcohol Rodent Trapping device

Clean, environmentally friendly, non-toxic

Ekomille ​rat trap
  • Patented mousetrap, tested effective in HK

  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe to children and pets.

  • Silent and odorless when operating.

  • No Toxic chemical.

Ekomille's mechanism


When rodents are attracted by the natural bait and entering the upper layer of the device, the sensor bar will be triggered and activate the internal turnning mechanism, causing the rodent to fall into the lower tank filled with alcohol.

How ekomille works


  • Does Ekomille require a power supply to operate?
    No, it doesn't. Ekomille has a built-in battery that can support operation for approximately one year. There is no need to replace or recharge the battery monthly. Simply add bait and inject alcohol into the bottom of the device to start its operation.

  • What is an Alcohol Rodent Trap, and how does it relate to Ekomille?
    During an interview with the media, the Director of the Environment and Ecology Bureau referred Ekomille as an alcohol rodent trap. They are the same device.

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