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Mistaway Automatic Spray Mosquito Repellent System

  • Fully automated operation, keeping mosquitoes away for up to 24 hours - Easy operation

  • Optional timed spraying - Excellent misting effect

  • Perfect coverage for residential/garden areas - Suitable for surrounding village houses/detached houses, gardens, and complex terrains including slopes and shrubbery.

How it works


The Mistaway system consists of a control unit and a misting circuit. Once installed around gardens, backyards, or various outdoor activity areas, it automatically sprays a well-atomized insecticide solution at regular intervals (such as in the early morning, dusk, and after sunset) when mosquitoes are most active. The finely misted insecticide solution quickly kills irritating insects, whether they are in the air or among vegetation. Therefore, whether they breed on-site or fly in from elsewhere, mosquitoes entering the coverage area of the Mistaway system will be swiftly eliminated, ensuring a precious time of outdoor enjoyment and guarding the well-being of family and friends.


The misting nozzles used in the Mistaway system are imported from the United States and are finely crafted to atomize the solution into an extremely fine mist. With droplets as small as 23 micrometers, the mist evenly covers gardens or plant surfaces, leaving no escape for annoying mosquitoes and insects.

Product Specification

Origin: United States

Weight: ~40kg 

Capacity: 55 gallons

Output: 1/2 HP

Air Pressure: 240~250 psi

Atomization flow per minute: 40~50 ml

Power Requirements: 240V / 50Hz

​Material: high temperature nylon, stainless steel, copper

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