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Termatrac iTracker Termite Detecter

Termatrac T3i 白蟻探測


The iTracker Termite Detection Device is the most accurate non-invasive detection instrument. Without the need for drilling, excavation, or surface damage, it utilizes Termatrac's patented radar, relative humidity, and thermal sensors to assist professionals in precisely identifying the scope of termite activity.

iTracker New Features

  • Compact and lightweight: 40% smaller than T3i.

  • Convenient charging: Use your phone's power cable.

  • Cloud storage and automated reports: Keep track of termite activity effortlessly.

The T31 Termatrac utilizes Bluetooth to connect with a smartphone, allowing for real-time monitoring of humidity and temperature fluctuations. It can identify high-risk areas prone to termite infestations.

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Contact us

We are the Hong Kong distributor of Termatrac iTracker, guaranteeing genuine products imported directly from the manufacturer in Australia. Over the past 20 years, we have assisted numerous educational institutions and pest control professionals in enhancing their efficiency and quality in termite eradication. If you are interested in the Termatrac T3i, please feel free to reach out to us.

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