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SM BURE ULV Cool Fog Machine

Enjoy the light weight and replaceable battery design!

Mistaway misting system

Tired of repetitive and ineffective anti-mosquito measures?

MistAway automatic anti-mosquito system; all-weather, fully automatic mosquito control, turning the garden into a no-fly zone for mosquitoes, and enjoying the fun of outdoor gatherings.

About Us

Top China Technology Development Co., Ltd. (founded in 2002) is committed to provide professional termite control, pest control, and rodent control services. The scope of services includes a series of pest management measures and environmental optimization projects. We fully supports the concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with safe technology and reduce the use of toxic chemicals unless necessary. 

We are also committed to introduce advanced insecticides and technology. Cooperative brands include Termatrac, Mistaway, SM Bure, Jp-Eco.

Chemical Spraying
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