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Pure Hypochlorous Acid Antibacterial Liquid Two Bottles 2 Liter Refill Set

Lixian independently developed hypochlorous acid generation equipment and high-concentration antibacterial solution. The generation equipment has a number of patented inventions, and the generated hypochlorous acid antibacterial liquid complies with the food additives regulations of the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare and the US FDA-approved specifications for hypochlorous acid-contactable ingredients.


Application range:
Personal – skin, mouth, body odor, wounds
Babies – toys, bottles, hands, buttocks
Health – Home, Food, Cutlery, Clothes
Pets – odor, eyes, ears, utensils


Effectively kills:

new coronavirus COVID-19

Escherichia coli


Drug resistance/Staphylococcus aureus

Vibrio enteritidis

Pseudomonas aeruginosa



Pure hypochlorite antibacterial liquid specifications:
*Ingredients: Water, Hypochlorous acid
* Pure hypochlorous acid concentration: 80~100ppm
* Made in Hong Kong


2L / barrel



No need to dilute, can be used directly, if it is used for the first time on skin/pet, it can be diluted 1 times as needed


Product advantages

Can be directly used on human/pet skin surface, absolutely safe

Can be used to clean wounds, food

Does not damage any material surface

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