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Product name: Astan

Net Volume: 1L Ingredients: Contain 170g/l Permethrin (17%w/v) ; 170g/l Piperonyl Butoxide (17%w/v); 7.5 g/l S-bioallethrin (0.75% w/v)

Pesticide registration number: 2P24(EC)

made in China


Astan has good and fast killing effect on flying insects (such as mosquitoes, midges, bees) or common indoor pests (such as beetles, cockroaches, ants), and is the economic first choice for pest control.



Dilution Guidelines:

Hot mist high spray model: 1:500

Hot mist low spray model: 1:100

Indoor heat fog: 1:50

Ultra Low Volume Fog - Outdoor (ULV) 1:20

Ultra Low Volume Spray - Indoor (ULV) 1:10



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