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SM Bure GF26 Cordless Sprayer

SM Bure GF26 Cordless Sprayer

SM Bure GF26 Rechargeable Ultra Low Volume Cool Fog Machine is a portable rechargeable Ultra Low Volume (ULV) sprayer with a spray distance of more than 8 meters. The cool fog machine can break up the liquid into micro droplets and spray them evenly To a specific area, because the liquid is sprayed after being atomized, it can be air-dried quickly. Therefore, it is very suitable for a variety of purposes, including indoor space disinfection, insect control, deodorization, air purification, and more.

The sprayer is equipped with a large water tank and a side strap design, which is easy to operate.

The mist cooler is equipped with a 3.3 liter water tank, and cutting-edge technology can help you cover a large area in a short time. A medical-grade sprayer can provide multiple spraying services for enterprises, which is convenient and fast and saves a lot of service fees.


  • Motor output 300W
  • Young Shun Atomized Particles
  • Range up to 7 meters
  • Capacity 3.3L
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor disinfection
  • Estimated operating time: about 1 hour


Precautions before atomization work


  • All electrical appliances should be cut off first
  • All food and electronic equipment must be covered or stored properly
  • It is recommended to re-enter the space after 1.5 hours after spraying
  • Do not use aggressive chemical solvents, alcohol sanitizers, or diluted bleach
  • Please ensure that everyone and pets have left the site before disinfection of the space
  • It is recommended to wear a mask when operating

- Rechargeable lithium battery DC 27 V / 10 A;
- Running time: 60 minutes minimum;
- Charging time: 3.5 hours;
- Motor with a power of 25.9 V / 300 W;
- Extended working time due to Li-ion battery;
- Solution tank: 3.3 liters;
- Integrated tank for the ULV generator;
- Particle size: 10 - 30 μ;
- Lightweight housing;
- ULV sprayer.

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